Bunker Mentality

Bunkers are more than just sand-filled holes in the ground, just ask the turf scientists with the USGA’s Green Section. The Green Section is 95 years old, and has been delivering on its mission of developing and disseminating sustainable management practices for better playing conditions and better golf since 1920. The Green Section’s most recent dissemination, The Green Section Record, June 5, covers managing bunkers. Written by Todd Lowe and Bob Vavrek, the authors recommend, … Continue reading

Is this a bonafide hole-in-one?

This fall, Glen Simonson, of Chisago Lakes Golf Course, aced a par-3 hole on his home course in Lindstrom, Minn. Since he was playing a “one-man best ball” and it was his second ball that went into the cup, Glen wonders if his perfect shot was a bonafide hole-in-one? The Rules of Golf do not address the validity of making a hole-in-one, but there is an FAQ section on the USGA website that offers a … Continue reading

National Golf Day

In honor of National Golf Day (April 16), and despite the fact that golf is temporarily on hold pending a change in Mother Nature’s current stance on spring, we are extolling a few of the economic, health and environmental benefits of the game: Economic: Golf is a nearly $70 billion industry, providing nearly 2 million jobs and total wage income of $55.6 billion. In Minnesota, the golf industry accounts for 34,653 jobs and $776.7 million … Continue reading